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The Iliad – Homer

I am reading the Penguin Classic edition translated by E.V. Rieu and revised by Peter Jones, first published in 2003. References in the style (n.nn) are to ( number. The story of The Iliad is set in the tenth year … Continue reading

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Poetry in Motion

I’ve been thinking about the ways that poetry is used in films, and after watching a number of films and rooting out some examples I arrived at the conclusion that poetry is used in, essentially, three different ways. The first … Continue reading

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Women in Espionage Roles

I have just watched the three films in the Jason Bourne trilogy, and when the third film ended I noticed two things that stood out quite clearly. The first was that Matt Damon is probably going to find it really … Continue reading

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Can Heston Blumenthal play tennis?

There is a perception that everyone has a novel in them. Christopher Hitchens once remarked that for most people, inside them is where it should stay, but I thought it might be interesting to think about the idea in terms … Continue reading

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Point of View

The most important character is the one who is telling the story. In story craft, this person is called the narrator, and the perspective from which they are telling the story is called Point of View. “In London city where … Continue reading

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