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Dan Brown on Going to Hell

He only wrote the book, he didn’t invent the hell it describes. My record collection contains a wide variety of music, from Gregorian chants to Bruce Springsteen taking in the Four Tops, Mozart, Mama Cass, Jeff Buckley, Sidney Bechet, The … Continue reading

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We sucks you in

Have you ever noticed how journalists often imply that you, their reader, do something they want to talk about? They say things, like, “we juggle our Twitter and Facebook accounts…,” as though you are as devoted to these media as … Continue reading

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Characters Change

I think it was the second time I saw the film Doctor Zhivago (1965) that it occurred to me that Ilya Andreyevich Zhivago (Omar Sharif) was not actually a moral man, by my standards, because he was cheating on his … Continue reading

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Google-Whatever Next

Senator Joe Barton (R-TX), co-founder of the congressional bi-partisan privacy caucus has received replies from Google to questions he posed about the privacy of user and subject data obtained using their new wearable technology Google Glass. “Google Glass has,” he … Continue reading

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I don’t think that Facebook is, “the scourge of the internet,” but it has asked us to reconsider our definitions of privacy. I read a blog post recently that was about privacy in the context of the NSA, another issue … Continue reading

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