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I boil eggs on Sundays

Its about the process not the product. That’s a mantra that I’ve been telling myself for some time about my cooking. It isn’t about the food that results from what happens in the kitchen, but about the process that gets … Continue reading

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The Next Big Problem Facing the World

On Friday 14 June 2013, David Cameron, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, stepped onto the stage at the G8 Innovation Conference in London, and made a short speech in which he said two things. He said that as host … Continue reading

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A Loony Idea

I will admit to not being motivated to own the latest gadget. I don’t feel any need to have the latest version of Windows on my computer and I don’t think it absolutely necessary that my microwave oven should be … Continue reading

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The Conversation

Harry Caul is a character in a film. He is a very ordinary man. He dresses conservatively, in a suit and tie of no noticeable colour, with shoes, we presume he wears shoes but we don’t notice them either. He … Continue reading

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Bonzo goes to Bitburg

When I was a boy I got this rather strange idea that if a song had words you had to be able to understand them. There just didn’t seem to be any point to singing lyrics if no one had … Continue reading

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People hearing without listening…

I was looking for a picture of an umbrella. When I found the image I wanted I followed it back to its source, which turned out to be a blog post about photography by a lady called Miranda Ward. Miranda … Continue reading

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The Relationship of Shirin Ebadi to British Feminism

I was reading this week about the work of the Iranian civil rights activist Shirin Ebadi. In 1975 she became the first ever woman judge in Iran. Following the revolution in Iran in 1979 the new authorities decided that women … Continue reading

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